Smart Repair Centre

Our Rotherham-based Smart Repair centre is situated near to Eastwood Trading estate and using our state-of-the-art technology, no matter what’s happened to your paintwork, we can return your vehicle to looking as good as new.

  • Smart repairs (small medium area repair technology)
  • Scratch repair, bumper scuffs, light panel damage
  • Leather repairs such as colour loss etc
  • Light panel damage
  • Machine Polishing
  • Trim and Textured Trim Repair

Leather seat repairs

Over time seats can get damaged by clothing, cigarettes and wear and tear.  We offer repair services on both leather seats and fabric seats, from small holes and tears to removing scuffs and marks.

Light panel damage

If you’ve had a minor prang, we can usually repair it for you! We can repair minor dents, vandal scratches as well as scuffs and scrapes. When repairing panels, we always colour match the repair to the exact colour of your car.

Machine Polishing

Our machine polishing removes minor blemishes from paintwork and leaves your car looking so shiny you can see your face in it!

Texture trim repair

Most people assume when a bumper, or piece of trim is damaged, the only option available is to replace the entire part. In most cases, we can repair it.

We use a plastic welding technique which restores strength to the trim. Minor scuffs and deep gouges are filled using a special compound and then colour matched with your car.

For non-coloured plastic bumpers and trims we can make the repair seamlessly disappear. The process uses a specialist technique which allows even fine textures to be restored to the original finish.