At SSSR car cosmetics we now offer more services to not only repair your vehicle but look after your vehicles finish.

Everytime you take your vehicle to the car wash they spray chemicals to quickly remove trafiic film and brake dust from your vehicle. Over time this will dull and damge your vehicles lacquer.

Scratches may also appear in your vehicles finish. At SSSR car cosmetics we can refinish your vehicle to have it scratch and swirls fre, we can also coat your vehicl in a ceramic coating which is super hydrophobic and also very hard which reduces the risk of swirls and scratches being put back into your vehicles paintwork. We can alos coat your vehicles alloys to stop brake dust and the lacquer getting damaged from harsh acid cleaners.


Services available include..


Includes single stage machine polish and ceramic coating.

Prices From £499 price dependent on size of vehicle.



Single stage gloss enhancement machine polish including wax From £260.

2 stage minor correction machine polish including wax From £500

3 stage multi correction From £750

Ceremic coating additional From £250

Call for more info or pop in to have your vehicles paint work inspected for a quote.