SSSR Car Cosmetics is helping a pair of dedicated vehicle enthusiasts to transform a fifty year-old Trabant into a drag racing superstar.

Between 1957-1991 over three million trabants were produced by East German car manufacturer VEB Saschenring and the original 600cc, two stroke engine was capable of achieving a top speed of just 62mph in 21 seconds. But Nick Conner and Kevin Bingham, founders of Reading-based Auto Services Limited felt they could do better.

After acquiring a 1963 Trabant 601 Deluxe, Nick and Kevin transformed the 30bhp Trabant into a car with more than times its original power! The heavily modified Trabbie, which now boasts a 5.7ltr V8 Chevorley engine has reached a top speed of 112.99mph and Nick and Kevin believes there’s still more to come.

So far the duo have undertaken a huge amount work on the vehicle including:

  • Increasing the size of the engine bay by 150cm
  • Replacing bonnet, front and rear wings with fibreglass
  • Manufacturing new 100×50 mild steel box section chassis with 8 point roll cage of 100mm CDS tube
  • Suspension replaced using re-engineered Ford Capri struts with adjustable spring platforms
  • Installation of GM Turbo Hydromatic 350 gearbox with hole shot 2800rpm torque converter.

The result is approximately 375-400bhp!

SSSR Car Cosmetics is proud to support Nick and Kevin’s work – you can see more of the work they’ve undertaken on their Trabant Transformation project on their website: (See photos and videos section)

Here’s the Trabby making an appearance at Shakespeare County Raceway, Stratford-upon-Avon (We apologise for the quality of this video link!)

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